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Cranberry Cherry Muesli

  • Wholemeal
  • Gluten-free
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in fibre
  • With beta-glucan from oats
  • Vegan
  • Palm oil free

Fruity muesli with gluten-free wholemeal oat flakes, cranberries and sweet cherries. 100% organic, vegan and gluten-free.

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Tiroler Biomanufaktur

For 30 years

100% organic

From sustainable agriculture


Rich in fibre


A breakfast for every taste


With the power of plants

Palm oil free

For the sake of the rainforest

Fruity duet

Muesli lovers beware, don't miss this fruity duet! The combination of the two fruits cranberry and sweet cherry, mixed with oat flakes, sultanas, diced apples and sunflower seeds, will make your start into the day even sweeter. A light breakfast that still keeps you full for a long time!

Our promise:

  • Without the use of chemical-synthetic pesticides
  • Without added colour and flavourings
  • Without preservatives
  • GMO-free

Powerfood oats

Oats are highlighted by nutritionists as particularly valuable because of their 10 % fibre content, the quality of its carbohydrates, the protein composition, the unsaturated fatty acids and the vitamins and minerals it contains!

Healthy cranberries

Cranberries have a long tradition as a medicinal plant. Due to their acidity and antibacterial substances they are said to have some health-promoting properties. For example, they strengthen the immune system and the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin bomb sweet cherry

Sweet cherries contain many minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, and many vitamins, such as B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C. That is why sweet cherries ensure healthy teeth and beautiful skin, among other things. Thanks to the sleep hormone melatonin they contain, they even help you to sleep better.

Nutritional information


Oat flakes gluten free* 74%, sultanas* (sultanas* 99,5%, sunflower oil*), cranberries* dried and sugared 7% (cranberries* 60%, whole cane sugar* 39%, sunflower oil*), freeze-dried sweet cherries* 4%, dried apple cubes* 4%, sunflower seeds*, cornflower blossoms* 0,1%.

Origin oats: EU

*) Certified organic

May contain traces of sesame seeds, soybeans, lupines and other nuts. Packed in protective atmosphere. Store in a cool, dry place.


Can be eaten cold or even warm! Cold: Best enjoyed with milk, natural yoghurt or plant based alternatives. Warm: Bring milk to boil, stir in your muesli and let it stand for a few minutes to cool, before eating.

Nutrition table (data per 100g)

Energy in Kilojoule 1484 kJ
Energy in Kilocalories 352 kcal
Fat 5,0 g
of which saturated 0,8 g
Carbohydrates 61 g
of which sugars 15 g
Fibre 9,4 g
Protein 11 g
Salt 0,02 g

100% wholesome

Carbohydrates 61 g

Protein 11 g

Fibre 9,4 g

Fat 5,0 g

100% wholesome means:

With one portion of muesli you eat a balanced and healthy meal. All important basic building blocks are supplied to your organism. And this is best done right at the start of the day!

The future belongs to recycling

The future belongs to recycling

We are convinced of this. After all, the aim must be to extend the life cycle of existing materials as much as possible so that fewer resources are needed to produce new materials. This is why we focus on recyclability in our packaging and are pleased that our breakfast products have been awarded the "Made for Recycling" certificate. You can find out more about packaging on our social responsibility page.

360° Social Responsibility

360° Social Responsibility

We have been making organic breakfast for more than 30 years - and are one of Austria's absolute organic pioneers. Respectful treatment of people and the environment is therefore our highest priority. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to a 360° Social Responsibility Model, which revolves around these 5 points:

  • Focus on small organic farms
  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Support for environmentally friendly and healthy nutrition
  • Promotion of diversity and women in management positions

Frequently asked questions

Why is the Verival Muesli gluten-free and others are not?

Oats are gluten-free by nature, but are often contaminated with gluten-containing cereals during production - mainly in the mill. The Verival oats used in our Cranberry Cherry Muesli are strictly separated from other cereals from the time of cultivation, harvesting, transport and processing and is therefore gluten-free. So you can enjoy our Cranberry Cherry Muesli even if you have a gluten intolerance.

How high is the fruit content in the Cranberry Cherry Muesli?

The 4% freeze-dried cherries may not seem much at first glance. However, the particularly gentle preservation process removes approx. 85% of the water content from the fruit - but the flavour is fully preserved. Thus, for 1 kg of freeze-dried cherries you need 7 kg of fresh cherries.

Customer evaluation for "Cranberry Cherry Muesli"
28 Feb 2020

schmeckt sehr gut!

ich bin ein absoluter Müsli Fanatiker & hab schon extrem viele verschiedene ausprobiert! Aber das Cranberry Kirsch schmeckt mir wirklich mit Abstand am Besten. Die Kombi von den beiden Früchten ist echt cool. Definitiv eine Weiterempfehlung für alle Müsliliebhaber :)

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