Start the year healthy with our new prebiotic porridge

Kids Chocolate Cereal Mix 1400g

The daily power breakfast for kids: A portion of Crunchy provides children with fiber, protein and long-chain carbohydrates already in the morning. And with 30% less sugar.

Chocolate crunchy fun! Chocolate crunchy for children made from wholemeal flakes in XXL - Handmade in Tyrol. 100% organic, 30% less sugar, without palm oil and rich in fibre.

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Rich in fibre

Keeps you full for a long time

Low sugar content

Sweetened for children

Perfect for our little ones

Tested by children

Palm oil free

For the sake of the rainforest

Organic manufactory

We produce for 30 years in Tyrol 

100% organic

From sustainable agriculture

Chocolatey crunchy fun! Watch out, dear chocoholics - there's a danger of addiction here! When... more

Chocolatey crunchy fun!

Watch out, dear chocoholics - there's a danger of addiction here! When Verival Schokomax's biscuit-like baked chocolate crunchy, chocolate-filled crispy pillows and delicately melting chocolate drops meet fruity strawberry pieces, it can only mean one thing: No more bad moods in the morning! To ensure that the chocolate muesli contains only as little sugar as necessary, we enlisted the help of nutrition experts and children aged 6-10 years to create the recipe. For a child-friendly good morning!

Best enjoyed with fresh fruit, milk, yoghurt or quark. Also great as a topping for cream or... more

Best enjoyed with fresh fruit, milk, yoghurt or quark. Also great as a topping for cream or ice-cream desserts.

Chocolate crunchy* 91% (wholegrain  oat  flakes*, cane sugar*, wholegrain  wheat... more


Chocolate crunchy* 91% (wholegrain oat flakes*, cane sugar*, wholegrain wheat flakes*, high-oleic sunflower oil*, milk chocolate* 3% (sugar*, whole milk powder*,cocoapaste*,cocoabutter*,sweetwheypowder*(milk),emulsifier:sunflowerlecithin*),wholegraincrispedrice*,darkchocolate*2% (cocoapaste*, sugar*, cocoa butter*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin*), cocoa powder* 1%, coconut shreds*, salt), chocolate pockets* 7,5% (chocolate filling* 34% (sugar*, rapseedoil*,sunfloweroil*, cocoapowder*2,5%,skimmed milkpowder*,cocoabutter*0,7%,emulsifier:sunflowerlecithin*,antioxidants:tocopherolrich extract,hazelnuts*),wheat flour*,ricesemolina*,wholegrain oatflour*,chocolatepowder*10,1% (sugar*,cocoapowder*), salt) ,chocolatedrops*1% (sugar*, wholemilk powder*,cocoabutter*,cocoapaste*,vanillapowder*,emulsifier:sunflowerlecithin*),freeze-dried strawberries*.

Origin oats & wheat: EU

*) Certified organic.

> May contain traces of sesame seeds and other nuts.
> Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
> Store in a cool, dry place.
> This is a natural product and in rare cases may therefore contain small stones, peel residues and seed residues despite meticulous processing.
> 30% less sugar compared to conventional chocolate flavoured breakfast cereals.

Nutrition table (data per 100g)

Energy in Kilojoule 1794 kJ
Energy in Kilocalories 428 kcal
Fat 16 g
of which saturated 3,5 g
Carbohydrates 58 g
of which sugars 18 g
Fibre 7,4 g
Protein 9,2 g
Salt 0,24 g

Does the Chocolate Cereal Mix contain added sugar?

The Verival Chocolate Cereal Mix is a delicious mix of chocolatey crunchy muesli, chocolate pillows, drops and strawberry pieces. It therefore also contains a certain amount of natural and added sugar. However, careful use of the sweetener is our top priority, which is why we have been able to reduce the amount by 30% compared to conventional chocolate cereals on the market. Thanks to the involvement of nutrition experts and children in the recipe creation, it is guaranteed that the chocolate cereal contains exactly as little sugar as necessary to still meet the taste of the little ones.

Where and how is the Chocolate Cereal Mix made?

Like all our other children's cereals, porridge varieties, mueslis and crunchies, Verival Organic Chocolate Cereal Mix is produced in our own organic factory in the Tyrolean Alps. Even when selecting the raw materials, we pay attention to the highest quality and leave nothing to chance. All ingredients are gently and carefully mixed to ensure that every bowl looks delicious and tastes wonderful.

How does the Chocolate Cereal Mix taste best when prepared?

Depending on your preference, the Chocolate Cereal Mix tastes great with milk, yoghurt or curd cheese. For an extra portion of vitamins, we recommend adding fresh fruit such as berries or banana pieces. Our secret tip: The chocolate muesli is also great as a topping for ice cream or other creamy desserts.

What other children's cereals are available from Verival?

We currently have four breakfast cereals to choose from under our children's brand Yanick & Fee: For all chocoholics, there's our Chocolate Cereal Mix and for those who prefer fruity treats, there's the Puffed Wheat with Fruits or the Berry Crunchy, full of healthy berries. And for those who prefer a warm breakfast, the best choice is the cocoa-banana porridge. But there's even more to discover! In the children's category you will also find many healthy and delicious organic snacks as well as organic cornflakes and honey bips made from wheat and spelt.

My child does not want to eat breakfast - what can I do?

We are convinced that breakfast is the most essential meal and the most important source of energy, especially for children. But too much pressure and arguing in the morning is usually counterproductive. That's why we tell cute short stories about the cheeky siblings Yanick and Fee on the packaging of our children's products, which are all about mornings and breakfast. Their funny adventures in the Tyrolean mountains create a relaxed mood - and who wouldn't want to taste the same breakfast as the two rascals on the pack?

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Customer evaluation for "Kids Chocolate Cereal Mix 1400g"
19 Mar 2020


Super leckere Mischung! Schmeckt sehr schokoladig. Ich liebe Schokomax als Snack für Zwischendurch.

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Crispy granola with the best organic ingredients

Versatile wholemeal flakes

The wholemeal oat and wholemeal wheat flakes in our Schokomax keep you full for a long time, ensure a constant blood sugar level and promote digestion. The energy stores emptied overnight can therefore be ideally replenished with whole grains. 

Miracle cure chocolate

For our Chocolate Cereal Mix we use dark and milk chocolate. The cocoa it contains has many important ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. 

Fruity strawberries

Due to the high water content, strawberries have hardly any calories, but a high nutrient density. For example, they contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits and already 150g cover the daily requirement of an adult. 

100% wholesome

Carbohydrates 58%

Protein 9,2%

Fibre 7,4%

Fat 16%

100% wholesome means:

With one portion of crunchy you eat a balanced and healthy meal. All important basic building blocks are supplied to your organism. And this is best done right at the start of the day!

Why is breakfast so important for children?

For children in particular, breakfast is the most essential meal and the most important most important source of energy during the day. It is essential to choose products with the glycemic index as low as possible and a high nutrient density should be chosen. These not only ensure long-lasting satiety and less hunger cravings, but also for a higher performance curve, i.e. an increase in attention and concentration.

Our Kids Range provides the little ones with all the important nutrients and is therefore the optimal healthy basic equipment for a day full of energy.

30-50% less sugar than conventional breakfast cereals

Careful use of sugar is a top priority for all our products. Especially in breakfast products for children, it is indisputable that unnecessary, excessive sources of sugar must be avoided. But still, everyone knows: children like it sweet. That's why we have decided - in cooperation with nutrition experts - to take a sensible middle course. In all Verival children's products, we have succeeded in reducing the sugar content by 30 - 50% compared to conventional breakfast cereals. And this is guaranteed not at the expense of taste!

Whole grain keeps you full for a long time

Whole grains are cereals in which all 3 parts of the grain (part I = husk, part II = endosperm, part III = germ) are processed. This ensures that fibre, vitamins, oils and minerals are ideally preserved. Whole grain can be made from all types of cereals. For our kids products we use oats, spelt and wheat. These help to keep the blood sugar level constant, lead to a long feeling of satiety and support digestion. The energy store emptied overnight can therefore be optimally replenished with whole grain.


Wholegrain for full energy

Whole grain flakes form the basis of our delicious crunchy granolas and crunchies. They are very high in fiber and therefore particularly digestible. The beta-glucan contained in them keeps you full for a long time and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Whole grains are particularly easy to digest and contain even more protein and vitamins.

In addition, whole grain flakes are processed more slowly by the body and thus keep you full longer and prevent cravings.

Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil and consumption has increased enormously in recen... more

Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil and consumption has increased enormously in recent years. To produce it, however, rainforest is cleared, and many animals and people lose their habitat. At Verival we are aware of the negative effects of palm oil and do not use it. We focus on sustainability and therefore use sunflower oil, or more precisely high-oleic sunflower oil. This is an oil that is very rich in oleic acid and can therefore be heated to high temperatures without any problems. This is what makes our Crunchy so beautifully crispy when baked.

Consumption of the 4 most important vegetable oils worldwide 2019/20


Tortengrafik Palmöl

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We love the morning, the mountains and breakfast

Together with our small team of great organic friends, we have been making
30 years in the Tyrolean Alps exceptional organic breakfast that provides you with all the essential nutrients is easy to prepare and of course tastes great.

100% organic

From sustainable agriculture

100% Made in Tyrol, Austria

Balanced breakfast with optimal nutrient distribution

Your breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

Your breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

Our organic breakfast products are the ideal basis for a healthy start to the day. They provide you with all the important nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, fiber, essential amino acids, healthy fats and plant-based proteins. So you start the day optimally strengthened.

✓ Keeps you full for up to 6 hours

✓ Regulates your blood sugar level

✓ Strengthens your digestion and immune system

360° Social Responsibility

360° Social Responsibility

Respectful treatment of people and the environment is therefore our highest priority. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to a 360° Social Responsibility Model:

✓ Focus on small organic farms and enhancing biodiversity

✓  Sustainable packaging

✓ Support for environmentally friendly and healthy nutrition

✓ Promotion of diversity and women in management positions

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