Start the year healthy with our new prebiotic porridge

Nuts Wholegrain Muesli 1500g

Your healthy breakfast with the extra kick of nutrients: 100g whole grain muesli provide you with 40% of your daily requirement of fiber and 25% of your required protein. And it's purely plant-based with no added sugar.

  • No added sugar
  • Whole grain and vegan
  • High in fiber
  • Also available as single portion

Nutty muesli with wholegrain heritage grains, almonds, hazelnuts & apricots in XXL. 100% organic, vegan and without added sugar.

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Content: 1500 gram (€9.99 * / 1000 gram)

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An absolute must - the nut! Our Heritage Grains Muesli is full of fibre because of its high... more

An absolute must - the nut!

Our Heritage Grains Muesli is full of fibre because of its high content of whole grain oats and the Verival whole grain wheat. These ensure a healthy digestion, as well as a long feeling of fullness and provide the body with a lot of energy. Nuts are also full of healthy fats and are a real brain food. The Heritage Grains Muesli with Nuts is therefore ideal for a balanced and healthy breakfast.

  Pour fresh milk or vegetable drink over muesli, mix with yogurt or use as a... more

  Pour fresh milk or vegetable drink over muesli, mix with yogurt or use as a topping. 

Wheat  flakes*,  oat  flakes*,  rye  flakes*, sultanas* (sultanas... more


Wheat flakes*, oat flakes*, rye flakes*, sultanas* (sultanas 99,5%*, sunflower oil*), chopped and roasted almonds* 8%, hazelnuts* 4%, apricots* (apricots* 97%, rice flour*), sesame seeds*, sunflower seeds*, almonds blanched*. 

*) Certified organic

May contain traces of sesame seeds, soybeans, lupines and other nuts. Packed in protective atmosphere. Store in a cool, dry place.


Cold: Best enjoyed with fresh fruit, milk, yoghurt or quark. Hot: Bring milk or water to the boil, stir in muesli, remove from heat and let stand for 10 minutes before eating.

Nutrition table (data per 100g)

Energy in Kilojoule 1992 kJ
Energy in Kilocalories 476 kcal
Fat 20 g
of which saturated 1,9 g
Carbohydrates 54 g
of which sugars 15 g
Fibre 12 g
Protein 14 g
Salt 0,06 g

Is muesli healthy?

Yes, as long as you pay attention to the right ingredients. Oatmeal is the perfect base for your muesli, as it is made up of many soluble fibres called beta-glucans. They lower blood and cholesterol levels and ensure that you feel full for a long time. Berries provide your body with many important vitamins and minerals. Nuts, seeds and kernels are the ideal supplement for a healthy muesli, also contain many vitamins and are an excellent source of vegetable protein.

What is beta-glucan and why is it good for me?

Beta-glucan is a fibre with a special effect. A daily dose of 3g of beta-glucan has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels and has many health benefits. One of the main sources of beta-glucan is oats. One portion of muesli (50g) provides about 0.6g of beta-glucan and therefore provides you with 20% of your daily beta-glucan requirement.

Why muesli from Verival?

Quality and careful handling of all ingredients, from cultivation to processing, is our top priority. That's why we only use high-quality organic ingredients in our Verival Heritage Grains Mueslis. By growing original cereal varieties, we also contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and counteract the lack of varieties.

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Customer evaluation for "Nuts Wholegrain Muesli 1500g"
30 Aug 2023

Délicieux muesli au goût fruité

Délicieux et beau mélange de céréales complètes, d'oléagineux et de fruits secs, sans sucre ajouté. Le goût des fruits est bien présent.
Peut aussi se déguster en overnight.

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Organic muesli with the best ingredients

100% wholesome

Carbohydrates 54%

Protein 14%

Fibre 12%

Fat 20%

100% wholesome means:

With one portion of muesli you eat a balanced and healthy meal. All important basic building blocks are supplied to your organism. And this is best done right at the start of the day!

Full power from oats

Oats and whole-grain flakes form the basis of our delicious muesli creations. They are very rich in fibre and therefore particularly well tolerated. The beta-glucan contained in them keeps you full for a long time and lowers the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Whole-grains are particularly well tolerated and contain even more protein and vitamins than other grains.

And there is another great characteristic of the original corn: It provides a very good source of serotonin, also known as the "feel-good hormone", which is said to have a mood-lifting effect.


Grains optimally supply your body with the dietary fiber beta-glucan

In the morning, it is particularly important to eat a high-fibre meal. This is because fibre is good for the digestion, makes you feel full for a long time and thus prevents ravenous appetite attacks. Beta glucan, an indigestible fibre contained in oats, has many positive qualities: the blood sugar level is regulated, the feeling of fullness sets in earlier, the cholesterol level in the blood is lowered and the immune system is activated. 



There are many vegan proteins in our breakfast products

The basis of our mueslis are grains, nuts and seeds. These are important vegetable protein sources, which play an important role especially in a vegan diet. Protein is not only important for building muscles, but also for many other processes in the body. It plays an important role in building enzymes and hormones, is needed to build antibodies and maintain our immune system and transports oxygen and fat. 


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We love the morning, the mountains and breakfast

Together with our small team of great organic friends, we have been making
30 years in the Tyrolean Alps exceptional organic breakfast that provides you with all the essential nutrients is easy to prepare and of course tastes great.

100% organic

From sustainable agriculture

100% Made in Tyrol, Austria

Balanced breakfast with optimal nutrient distribution

Your breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

Your breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

Our organic breakfast products are the ideal basis for a healthy start to the day. They provide you with all the important nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, fiber, essential amino acids, healthy fats and plant-based proteins. So you start the day optimally strengthened.

✓ Keeps you full for up to 6 hours

✓ Regulates your blood sugar level

✓ Strengthens your digestion and immune system

360° Social Responsibility

360° Social Responsibility

Respectful treatment of people and the environment is therefore our highest priority. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to a 360° Social Responsibility Model:

✓ Focus on small organic farms and enhancing biodiversity

✓  Sustainable packaging

✓ Support for environmentally friendly and healthy nutrition

✓ Promotion of diversity and women in management positions

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